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our focus

Aims of IRVAP

To facilitate safe and effective practice in all aspects of animal therapy and healthcare, aligning sound scientific knowledge to current clinical practice

To promote awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy treatment and management for injured and ageing animals to improve the lives of animals and owners

To encourage research collaborations and scientific based approaches across the field of professionals working in the animal therapy sector

To provide an accreditation service for courses and CPD facilitating quality choices of career progression in veterinary physiotherapy and animal rehabilitation

To foster a positive and dynamic approach to support members by building a trusted community and resource centre to advance professional standards

To optimise effective communication and support of professional, clinical, business and education between members for efficient administration and practise

To nurture an inclusive system of support for professional development, with annual reaffirmation of our CPD requirement and Code of Practice


IRVAP Code of Practice

The IRVAP Code of Practice sets a clear benchmark and expectation of all of its members (VP, MT, ICH, IEH members, associate members, ICH members and student members).

The Code reflects the legal, professional, ethical and organisational requirements members are responsible to meet in their conduct and practice.

Registration with IRVAP coupled with endorsing the shared values of the animal therapy profession empowers the Code of Practice to raise standards, increase public protection and promote the best possible service for animals and their owners.

our pledge

Key Concepts

Direct members to;

Uphold the aims of IRVAP

Prioritise the safety and welfare of their animal patients

Behave ethically and professionally

Strive to achieve excellence within their scope of practice

Take responsibility for their professional decisions and actions

Deliver a safe, beneficial and effective service

our duty

Directs members to;

Work within the UK legal framework and observe relevant legislation

Hold appropriate professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover

Practise within their scope of practice and understand their limitations

Demonstrate a commitment to career long learning, in accordance with IRVAP’s continuing professional development (CPD) framework

Maintain professionalism at all times, upholding the reputation of animal therapy and IRVAP, including in all correspondence and on social media platforms

Adhere to the IRVAP Code of Practice along with other professional organisations they hold membership

Maintain accurate, timely and appropriate record keeping and reports for the individual animal patient and multidisciplinary team (MDT)

Work with the animal patient to maximise their quality of life by restoring, maintaining and improving movement, function and independence

Promote therapeutic approaches to optimise health, well-being, fitness and illness prevention strategies, through the delivery of high-quality services

Practise as second referral practitioners in a range of roles and settings and as part of a MDT

Undertake animal therapy activities within the changing structures and increasingly diverse sectors, settings and roles


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