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IRVAP Member Courses

The selection of courses set out below are delivered by IRVAP Members and have been through a robust accreditation process.

Equine Water Treadmill for Training and Rehabilitation

Using a water treadmill for training and rehabilitation provides numerous benefits for horses, including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle tone, and reduced joint stress. It’s a valuable tool for horses recovering from injuries, aiding in the healing process.

This training is a solid starting point based on scientific research and industry experience to assist all equine water treadmill equipment users in achieving their therapeutic goals. This assists to avoid some of the injury occurrences witnessed due to the lack of training, knowledge and experience.

IRVAP members receive a 20% discount on fees. £85 discounted to £68. 2 CPD points are awarded. Enter irvap at checkout to receive your discount.

Level 6 Equine Physiotherapy Diploma Programme

The Level 6 Diploma in Equine Physiotherapy is accredited by the Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP).

Upon completion graduates will be able to apply for IRVAP membership and will be permitted to use the post nominals MIRVAP.  High standards in professionalism and clinical proficiency are assured through IRVAP’s stringent accredited registration process.

This programme is also accredited by the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT).


IRVAP Member Courses

The courses below are delivered by IRVAP Members and have been through a comprehensive and robust accreditation process.

Preparing the Horse Saddle Rider Combination for Performance

IMontage of steps involved in equine back and posture therapy.

Learn how to prepare horses for saddle fitting to ensure more efficient carrying of the rider. Successful completion of this award entitles registration with IRVAP – Manual Therapist (MT) category.

Puppy Massage

Donna Wills performing a puppy massage routine in her instructional video.

Learn to massage your own puppy or dog in a safe, jargon free way. Create a calm, happy confident dog.

This course is aimed at puppies, but is great for dogs of any age.

You will learn how to create a relaxing environment for your dog and then move on to learn different massage techniques, including gum massage.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the "not dog or horse"

Donna Wills performing physiotherapy on a skunk in her veterinary practice.

Learn physiotherapy and rehabilitation planning for species such as cats and rabbits.

On this course, you will compare anatomy (including pedal anatomy) between species and learn how to make a rehabilitation plan to suit the needs of different species.

Advancing YOUR CANINE clinical SKILLS

K9HS Courses

Advance your techniques, skills and confidence, with support. We work with you and offer online courses, an amazing K9 Therapy Hub CPD membership site and bespoke practical Masterclasses.

K9 Therapy Hub

This unique K9 Therapy Hub is an immersive experience of micro, bitesize, mini and short clinical CPD courses, templates and resources, designed to progress your canine practice. 

All courses are certificated and we have designed a Video Box and Template Toolbox for specially for therapists, alongside a useful articles and journal section.

Advance your canine clinical skills and share in our vibrant community.

Award in Canine First Aid + Health Checks

Canine first aid being performed on a dog

This CPD refresher course is ideal for therapists to review, update and advance their canine first aid and health check skills. This aims to be proactive and keep dogs safe in professional practice.

Fully preparing for action in challenging clinical situations or an emergency, ensures the best care for dogs and owners.

Award in Canine Hydrotherapy Water Management

Floats in a canine hydrotherapy pool.

This is a great refresher course for therapists to update their canine water management skills.

Achieving high quality balanced and safe water is essential. Effective problem solving and finding solutions for complex challenges is key for canine hydrotherapy water management quality assurance.

Award in Canine Therapeutic Handling Techniques

A veterinarian demonstrating therapeutic handling of a dog.

Canine therapeutic handling techniques are a transformational holistic method for working with dogs in a clinical setting.

This includes a wide range of techniques to build a trusted professional bond with each dog, so the therapist can successfully interact with the dog in an active, proprioceptively enriched and connected way.

Award in Canine Natural Balanced Motion

A dog receiving therapy to improve its balanced motion.

This course is perfect for therapists working with dogs aiming to significantly improve canine natural balance, motion and function, leading to happy, healthy dogs.

This course explores: canine functional anatomy, biomechanics, gait, breed biology and canine behaviours and their impact on clinical technique choices.

Award in Canine Clinic Enrichment Techniques

A dog being trained in a clinical setting

Clinic enrichment techniques are invaluable when working with dogs requiring therapeutic interventions within a clinical setting.

The significant correlation between enrichment and the dog’s natural balanced stance and motion, leads to improvement of the dog’s active participation and focus in clinic.


Member Resources

These free resources are created by our members for the benefit of both professionals and the general public.


Anatomy & Biomechanics

Dr Richard Payne; IRVAP Hon Fellow
Course Lead MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy
Nottingham Veterinary School of Medicine & Science

Canine Pain Management Strategies

Avril Coleman; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
Animo Rehabilitation Centre, Kent

Puppies & Hydrotherapy

Maria Johnston; FIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
Active Balance, Leicestershire

Canine referral paperwork – getting the right patient information

Sarah Brick; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)

Right Side Up! Or the righting reflex in cats

Jo Scott; IRVAP Affiliate


Cervical Abnormalities in Equine Patients

Gaby Kerfoot; FIRVAP(VP)
GKVP, Cheshire

Canine CCL Disease Case Study

Susanne Pender; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
Paws4Rehab, Surrey

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Hawskmoor Team, Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy, Leicestershire

Managing Equines with chronic sacroiliac dysfunction

Gemma Key; MIRVAP(VP)  www.gemmakeyvetphysio.com

An Exotic Approach

Jo Scott; IRVAP Affiliate

Equine Hydrotherapy

Grainne Ni Chaba-Byrne; MIRVAP(VP)

Canine Movement Enrichment Techniques

Barbara Houlding, FIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
K9HS Courses; Suffolk

Common Injuries in Working Sheepdogs

Sarah Ward; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
K9HS Courses, Suffolk


Companion Therapy Lasers

Georgina MacPhail, Companion Animal Health

Hydrotherapy Water Management

Mitchell Loach, TEST Ltd

Cruciate Ligament Disease & the Role of the Balto Knee Brace

Cheryl Corral; MRCVS, MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)

Equine Massage Therapy Pad

Vicky Boakes, Equilibrium Products

Stance Analysis – Tool for Early Lameness Detection

Georgina MacPhail, Companion Animal Health 

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