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Raising the Industry Standard

Like all animal therapy related industries, the field of equine hydrotherapy currently lacks regulation. This is something groups such as RAMP and AHPR are lobbying to change, with the support of IRVAP – IEH.

The IEH aims to establish high standards of professionalism and clinical expertise in equine hydrotherapy through supporting and developing academic courses. By doing so, the IEH is leading the way in promoting equine welfare and best practice.

We passionately believe in investing in our professional community of therapists and are dedicated to elevating the standards of equine hydrotherapy.

In recent years, there has been a significant investment in equine hydrotherapy equipment and facilities in both equine sports performance and rehabilitation centres. However, not all operators have had the opportunity to receive specialised training focused on delivering a consistently safe and effective, therapeutic equine service.

As professionals in the equine industry, we are aware of the increasing academic research surrounding equine hydrotherapy.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between research and the practical application of these findings in the workplace.

IRVAP advocates for a combination of rigorous academic research and industry best practices, implemented by skilled equine hydrotherapists. This is why, on 29th February 2024 we will close our grandparenting scheme and our new membership requirements will come into effect on 31st March 2024.


What does this mean? 

All UK applicants to the IEH will need to either have completed or have been accepted on to either the Level 2 or Level 6 course. For yard owners, managers and those in sole charge or in charge of a team, you will be expected to complete the Level 6 course and will be referred to as Equine Hydrotherapists. For those who work as part of a team and are supervised whilst working, you will be expected to complete the Level 2 course available at Moulton College as a minimum and will be referred to as Assistant Equine Hydrotherapists.

 For those outside of the UK, or those unable to complete the Diploma in Equine Hydrotherapy at QLS Level 6 in the required timeframe you will need to complete the modules individually, available via VetHed and evidence this with your CPD Certificates.

How to Join

 We will require the following evidence:

  • Curriculum Vitae evidencing your equine industry experience and relevant CPD
  • Acceptance letter from the appropriate course or evidence of module completion.
  • Written evidence of daily water management procedures with hydrotherapy modalities used
  • Up to date Equine First Aid Certificate
  • Professional indemnity and public liability: equine hydrotherapy insurance certificate – members are entitled to access the IRVAP group insurance plan which specifically names hydrotherapy

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Meet the IEH Board


Gaby kerfoot (IEH Co-Chair)

Grace Nattrass (IEH CO-CHAIR)

Lisa Bartley

IEH Affiliate Members

Fiona Fitzgibbon

Dr Rebecca Mouncey

Georgia Keegan

Carolyn Tranquille

Jessica York

IEH Consultants 

Serena Hickson

Managing Director and consultant of FMBs Therapy Systems equine aqua line treadmills and spas.

Richard Norden

Manager and consultant of ECB equine spas and water treadmills.

The IEH has a specific admissions policy as part of its rigorous accredited registration process.

IRVAP is recognised by all the major insurance companies. 

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