Institute of Equine Hydrotherapy (IEH) is a new sub group which has been developed by the Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy (IRVAP), and is an exciting first ever development of a professional Association for Equine Hydrotherapists.

What we do

Raising the Industry Standard

Hydrotherapy is currently a non-regulated industry and the IEH will set the standards for professionalism and clinical proficiency in Equine Hydrotherapy. IRVAP wishes to lead the way forward in equine and animal welfare and are passionate about raising standards in Equine Hydrotherapy thus the development of the IEH subgroup.

All IEH members will be professionals who pledge their commitments to the IRVAP Code of Practice.The IEH board will be directly accountable to the IRVAP council. This ensures that IRVAP’s Code of Practice is implemented and adhered to by all members of the IEH, providing the confidence Veterinarians need to refer Equine’s for Hydrotherapy treatments and reassure horse owners.

Benefits of Joining IRVAP(IEH)

  • Accredited Equine Hydrotherapy courses (coming soon).
  • Access to learning and professional resources with Equine Hydrotherapy Consultants.
  • Members only area for updates and discounts.
  • We are currently negotiating to establish recognition with all major insurance companies.
  • Equine Hydrotherapy specific Insurance – £100,000 Bloodstock – IRVAP(IEH) members will be able to take advantage of our Equine Hydrotherapy specific insurance.
  • Listing on Find a Therapist area of our website.
  • Representation at local, regional and national level.
  • Research collaborations.
  • Access to online Journals.
  • New Mentor programme.
  • Discount for IRVAP accredited courses.
  • Regular email updates.
  • Office Hours and Conversations with IRVAP Chair/IEH Joint Chairs.

Friendly Faces


IEH Joint Chairs

IEH Joint Chairs

Grainne Ni Chaba-Byrne MIRVAP(VP)(MT) IEH Joint Chair

Deborah Winchester        MIRVAP(VP)(MT) IEH Joint Chair


All IEH member applications will go through

( The IEH page is currently being developed further, so on line applications will be available, similar to the other IRVAP subgroups)

For the first year there will be a Grandparent application process and every application will be looked at individually and assessed by IRVAP and IEH Council –  Education level, Suitable Professional Courses, Hydrotherapy Experience, Curriculum Vitae and Continual Professional Development, Insurance Cover, Equine First Aid and Watercare courses will all be looked at.


College/Hydrotherapy Centres Membership

If College/Hydrotherapy Centres want to be IEH members they must put their Employed Equine Therapist through the application process, if that member of staff leaves they must go through membership again with new Staff member – this will ensure all Equine Hydrotherapy Centres will be run to the highest standard at all times with an up to date IEH Member.

Membership Fees

Current IRVAP(VP) members are offered one free listing. All members can apply to be IEH members and  go through the IEH application process.

New IEH applications will be £40 for this year only (up to 31 March 2021).

We look forward to developing IEH to be a leader in the Equine Hydrotherapy Industry, become a part of this exciting new association and join us!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us