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Anatomy & Biomechanics

Dr Richard Payne; IRVAP Hon Fellow
Course Lead MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy
Nottingham Veterinary School of Medicine & Science

Canine Pain Management Strategies

Avril Coleman; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
Animo Rehabilitation Centre, Kent

Puppies & Hydrotherapy

Maria Johnston; FIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
Active Balance, Leicestershire

Canine referral paperwork – getting the right patient information

Sarah Brick; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)

Right Side Up! Or the righting reflex in cats

Jo Scott; IRVAP Affiliate


Cervical Abnormalities in Equine Patients

Gaby Kerfoot; FIRVAP(VP)
GKVP, Cheshire

Canine CCL Disease Case Study

Susanne Pender; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
Paws4Rehab, Surrey

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Hawskmoor Team, Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy, Leicestershire

Managing Equines with chronic sacroiliac dysfunction

Gemma Key; MIRVAP(VP)  www.gemmakeyvetphysio.com

An Exotic Approach

Jo Scott; IRVAP Affiliate

Equine Hydrotherapy

Grainne Ni Chaba-Byrne; MIRVAP(VP)

Canine Movement Enrichment Techniques

Barbara Houlding, FIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
K9HS Courses; Suffolk

Common Injuries in Working Sheepdogs

Sarah Ward; MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)
K9HS Courses, Suffolk


Companion Therapy Lasers

Georgina MacPhail, Companion Animal Health

Hydrotherapy Water Management

Mitchell Loach, TEST Ltd

Cruciate Ligament Disease & the Role of the Balto Knee Brace

Cheryl Corral; MRCVS, MIRVAP(VP)(ICH)

Equine Massage Therapy Pad

Vicky Boakes, Equilibrium Products

Stance Analysis – Tool for Early Lameness Detection

Georgina MacPhail, Companion Animal Health 

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